Software written and designed by Builders for Builders Check our new Roofing app for Mac £1.99 Back to Home Screen View in App Store £2.99 ROOFGENIE is a professional version of our roof IPhone App, every view is enabled for you to enter dimensions in Imperial or Metric and by using either one the other is calculated for you to show a comparison making for a much simpler method of data entry. Everything needed for constructing a roof is catered for including every length, overhang, birdsmouth, seatcut, plumbcut and sidecuts, all displayed in metric or imperial. The roof quantities section will display on the opening view results for total ridge, rafters, hips, valleys, fascia and area for all the sections you have used, on each separate section you get results for felt, decking, battens, tiles, slates, shingles, copper nails, ally nails or galv nails. A separate view shows amount of timber needed for that section of roof. To ensure your timbers meet current regulations you can now check your rafters, purlins, flat roof, ceiling joists, ceiling binders and floor joists.

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