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Software written and designed by Builders for Builders Back to Home Screen View in App Store £1.99 We have responded to numerous requests for our roofing Apps to be ported to the Mac so we hope you will enjoy this vastly more comprehensive version with a scaled drawing showing all the roof members for easy reference and redrawn after every edit of dimensions and timber sizes.

This App will be the only one you will ever need when thinking Roofing it covers all roof configurations for todays world, it calculates every length, angle, and birdsmouth for hips, rafters, jacks/creepers and valley jacks fully in metric and imperial measure using any timber size you specify, the program displays a color coded diagram of your roof for easy identification of timbers updated to reflect your input, also allows you to quantify all roof sections for different tiles, slates, and shingles plus decking sheets, battens, nails, felt, ridge board, rafters, hips and valley timbers, with a full list of all items priced to your individual requirements. Starts with a default set of prices which you edit to your needs and all are saved automatically to any new file you create, also checks sizes of timber to Eurocode 5 for rafters and purlins to meet current regulations for strength both in metric and imperial measure.
Settings page for Imperial Hip Extension.
After editing any values tap on calculate to update the drawing and make the results button available.
Tapping results will bring up a page with all relevant details which can be Emailed to your phone for reference on site.

Tap on **Send Email** to show Mail composer
Enter an email address to send results to

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