BuildPrices for IPad

Software written and designed by Builders for Builders Back to Home Screen Check our new app PriceBuilder for Mac FREE View in App Store £2.29 If you need to know anything about Quantities, Work Rates or Prices in the Building Trade then this App will meet all your needs. It contains 46 different construction items from the ground right up to roof level allowing you to calculate a full list of materials required with every item priced up and instantly shows you the Labour cost, Material cost and Total Cost. Tap on GOTO FILE MANAGER for a list of saved Files

Tap on any of the Text items to open a page to EDIT

* Features of the program include

* Database of over 600 Prices
* Database of over 300 Work rates
* Full list of Quantities needed for each Construction Item
* Full list of Labour costs for each Construction Item
* Labour cost per Sq Mtr for selected Items
* Overall cost per Sq Mtr for selected items
* Full list of Material costs for each Construction Item
* Every work rate and price can be edited
* Each new file added is auto Saved in File list
* All edits are auto saved to File in use
* All files are saved for future reference or editing
* Full Default list of all prices and work rates for reference
* Each file has its own set of prices and workrates
Tap on **ADD NEW FILES** to show an Entry box
Enter a name for your file and tap Continue
To delete a file tap Edit in the top right
Edit changes to Done and red buttons appear on rows
Tap the Red button left of filename you want delete
A Red delete button appears on right
Tap delete or simply tap the same row to cancel
When finished tap the Done button top right to return

Written by buildcalcs
©: Robert Thompson 2018
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