Software written and designed by Builders for Builders Check our new Roofing app for Mac £1.99 Back to Home Screen View in App Store £1.99 BUILDERSCALCSROOF With this IPhone App you can forget "Guesswork" and "Trial and Error" and make your steel square redundant forever and bin the headache pills, because anyone with a Pencil,Bevel and Saw can cut a "Hip Roof " with ease. This IPhone App is a Professional Roofing Carpenter in your pocket. Just enter the relevant dimensions into the program and be instantly provided with every Rafter, Hip and Jack Rafter Length and Overhang Length plus all the Angle cuts and Birdsmouth Dimensions.The program stores all your settings so you can recall them at any time. The program works with two "Separate" modes of Entry, Metric and Imperial. Will accommodate any size of Timber or Building including Small like Dolls houses / Modelwork and Large as in Mansions. Metric Roof angles are entered in degrees while Imperial can be entered with slope or by scrolling down to the bottom of the list you can use Degrees. Separate comprehensive help files with each section of program. Caters for Soffit overhangs of up to 60 inches Imperial or any Metric Dimension. Feet, Inches and Fractions entry available throughout for Accuracy. At the tap of a button a set of Dimensions is available for you to mark out a triangle and set your bevel for marking out all the Angle cuts if you don't have a Protractor handy. Now updated with more comprehensive help files, coloured layout plan generated from your input, and a cutting list of materials needed for the construction of your Roof. Before updating you are advised to make a note of your existing Roof Dimensions if you still need them.

Written by buildcalcs
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