AllVat for iPad, iPhone, iPod

Software written and designed by Builders for Builders Check our new app PriceBuilder for Mac FREE Back to Home Screen View in App Store £0.79 With this App you can forget calculators and confusion with VAT rates and filling in Vat Returns because everything is done for you, The App is suitable for Global usage with any currency with a sub-unit that is 100th of the main unit, example 1pound = 100 pence, 1 euro = 100 cents, 1 dollar = 100 cents, etc. All you need to do is enter the invoices for a 3 month period and all your Vat return figures are generated, You can enter any Vat rate required and enter just figures if a quick usage is needed or enter all the suppliers to enable you to print out a complete list of transactions wirelessly to an Airprint enabled printer. All entries are saved into the file name of your choice and retained on the device for future reference. Includes the best Vat calculator for a quick calculation from either the Net entry, the Vat entry or the Gross entry.

Written by buildcalcs
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