BuildRegs Foundations

Software written and designed by Builders for Builders Check our new app PriceBuilder for Mac FREE Back to Home Screen View in App Store £0.79 BuildRegs is the complete App for constructing foundations, never get it wrong again.
Eliminates guess work
Always satisfy building control
Calculates the depth when trees are nearby
Choose location
Choose tree type
Choose soil type
Choose tree removed or retained
Set distance tree to foundation
Set height of tree if removed
Calculates to current Regs
Width and depth
Set number of steps in concrete
Advice on nearby drains
Advice on setting out
Calculates spoil removed
Number of lorries or skips needed
Calculates concrete needed
Strip foundations - Trench fill foundations
This is the opening screen where you navigate to the various screens to calculate foundation depth when trees are nearby, amount of concrete required or spoil removed from trench and view information when drains are nearby or crossing foundations. This screen allows you to calculate the trench depth when trees are nearby, tap the map to select a location and tap the tree to select any variety of tree, if the tree is to be removed you set the actual height in the box provided. This screen just provides you with an understanding of what happens to the ground under the foundations when trees that are retained sucking moisture away and trees that are removed allow the dry ground to re-hydrate and swell causing heave. This screen allows you to calculate the quantity of concrete needed for your foundations, tap on "select steps" to take you to the next screen for entry. This screen displays the concrete thickness set on the previous screen and allows you to configure how many steps of the different sizes available. This screen displays information regarding the setting out of your trenches.

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